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We are committed to creating easy to play games that are fun and free to play
but with aim of helping you learn.

Our Philosophy

If you are 14-16 year old revising for an examination or just learning for fun a key component is learning the definitions of the key words in the subject. Dr. Wood's Revision Centre provides you with simple, entertaining games that allows you to learn definitions WHILST HAVING FUN.

So whatever subject you are studying for at 14-16 year old level (GCSE in the UK, CSEC in the Caribbean) these games are for you.

Unlike other online resources at Dr. Wood's Language Learning Games there are:
  •     No limited features
  •     No learning complicated game rules! (you are learning a language not learning how to play games)
  •     No registration
  •     No personal data required
  •     No cookies
  •     No in-game purchases
  •     No in-game adverts (we rely on a very small number of adverts before the game to keep the service free)
  •     No login required
  •     No charge to access advanced learning
  •     No pop-ups

All are games are:
  •     Completely free to play

Play in you coffee break, your lunch break, in-between classes or waiting for the bus.

Play for a few minutes or an few hours knowing that each time you play you are learning and extending your vocabulary. All are games are easy and intuitive to play, no understanding lengthy instructions before you start.

Play on a computer, laptop, tablet or even a mobile phone (in landscape).

Playing these game will help you master your chosen subject.

Please scroll down to find the games for the subject you are revising:

Information Technology    Physics

More subjects coming soon.